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Crazy Narde (Gul Bara)

The aim of the game is the same as in Backgammon: to move all your men into your home board and then bear them off.

Initial Setup

Each player has all of his men on the same point called head.
Both players move around the board in the same direction, counterclockwise.
Crazy Narde (Gul Bara) starting position and play direction. (11 Kbytes)


The roll of the dice indicates how many points the player can move forward. If a player rolls a double, he moves consequently the rolled double and all doubles with higher numbers. Thus, having rolled 2-2, the player moves four 2's, four 3's, four 4's, four 5's and four 6's.

A player may move only one man from the initial point (head) per roll. The only exception is that if his first roll is the doublet 6-6, 4-4 or 3-3, he's allowed to move two men off his head.

A man can be moved only to a point that is not occupied by opposing men. There is no hitting in the game. A point is already blocked with one man on it.

Six men in sequence are known as a prime. There is one restriction on building primes. A player may build it only if there is at least one opponent's man behind his prime.

If the player is unable to use any part of his roll, his opponent plays the rest.

Bearing Off

As soon as a player has moved all his 15 men into his home board, he may start bearing off. He may not move any of his men down (towards the 1-point); he may only bear off the points exactly corresponding to the dice.

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